#1 – Keanan Koppenhaver on building Block-a-saurus and acquiring/continuing development of Kanban for WP (Updated: technical bonus recording, 30-8-2021)

Updated: technical bonus recording, 30-8-2021, starts at (00:51) — On this very first episode, I had the pleasure to speak to seasoned web developer Keanan Koppenhaver from Chicago. He has worked a lot with WordPress throughout the years and now runs the digital product consultancy Alpha Particle together with his business partner Jay Hoppie.

We talked about how he built the ‘Dinosaur Game‘ Chrome browser easter-egg into the Block-a-saurus block plugin to teach himself how to develop one – and have fun doing so!

In addition, we spoke about Alpha Particle’s strategic move into ‘entrepreneurship through acquisition’, by bringing the Kanban for WordPress plugin into their portfolio. Keanan explained how it can specifically be useful for WordPress users, and they hope to make it even better with tighter integration with core and other plugins. Plus, for version 3 further UI improvements in collaboration with Flowspoke are on the horizon.

Finally, Keanan is involved with the Chicago WordPress Meetup, likes to share his lessons learned by talking at WordCamps, and contribute to open source like WP core (@kkoppenhaver), WPrint or WP-CLI;

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did!

Zac Gordon course site mentioned in bonus section: https://gutenberg.courses/

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